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Scoreboard donated for Charity Match on Mount Everest!

Our Story

The EasyScore number scorer was invented over 30 years ago by a keen Australian cricketer called Bill. In the later years, Bill’s cricketing talent didn’t always match his enthusiasm so he often found himself on the side of the pitch in charge of the cricket scoreboard. After struggling with hanging number plates which would always get lost or bent and other scoring systems that would break, he thought there must be an better way. After several months of working with designers and manufacturers, the EasyScore Number Scorer was born!

Over 30 years later, thousands are being used by schools and clubs around the world who are looking for a low cost alternative to electronic scoreboards that will still give them high visibility and ease of use.

In 2006, we became Bill’s agents for the UK and Europe to offer these award-winning number scorers and scoreboards to clubs, schools and businesses. Our family business has grown from strength to strength, largely through word of mouth – just look at our testimonials page to see the high endorsements from our customers for our products and services.

Our unique number scorers are stunningly simple to use and incredibly effective. Scores can be changed by the flick of a finger. Use number scorers to upgrade your existing scoreboard or put them on a new scoreboard. We sell a range of portable manual scoreboards which are highly visible and simple to operate. They’re easily moved between venues and stored after use.

These manual scoreboards will provide your school, club or event with a professional image at an affordable price.

The Australian Design Award winning scorers are still manufactured in Australia so that we maintain strict control over their quality and this enables us to offer a three year warranty as standard.

You can also give your sponsors value for money by putting their names and logos on the board.

If you’d like to find out more about our number scorers or range of manual scoreboards please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your individual requirements. We are very flexible and will give you a prompt quote for manufacture and sign writing of a board to suit your club or school.

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We are always happy to help or discuss a manual scoreboard to meet the particular needs of your school, club or business.